WorldWide Graffiti

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Workbased project

At this point we have done a individual blogs, a team blog with 5 members, 4 digital stories, and 2 music pieces using AcidPro. The blogs went over well except the young people kept forgetting their passward to their blog and the name of their e-mail address. Anyway we got past that and are having fun. The digital stories are the way to go, you dont need flash equipment, just computers with XP (is that all) We have made 4 digital stories - one on cars(boys) which is narrated by a partipant, one on a mystery person who has been going around Grafton using spraypaint and stencils, which is written (neither girl wanted to hear their voice),and illustrated with music, one of the participants who have been through the program this year and one illustrating an exhibition at the Regional gallery. Having lots of fun.

Surfing the Coldtream

Youthstart recently presented a series of mosaiced"sea beasties"to the steering committee of the new festival "Surfing the Coldstream". The pieces formed the gateway to the festival. The collection was decribed in the local newspaper as "Spectacular".

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Now Showing...

Young people from Links to Learning Program at the New School Of Arts are currently exhibiting works produced under the guidance Community Art Worker Pamela Denise.

The Mosaic Collection features Dragons, pots, pavers and mirror balls and is creatively displayed in the front window of the Emporium on Skinner Street, South Grafton.

This exhibition is a cross curriculum activity. The students participate in an Art program on Mondays and also undertake a TAFE course –(language, Literacy and numeracy) called Biz Ventures on Wednesday. This venture combines the product (divine mosaics) with Business Skills and also involves the local Community.

It’s worth a trip!

Monday, September 12, 2005

making it mesh

Trying to connect all parts of the program has not been as hard as first thought. The young people currently involved in the Freedom Road have had to document their exhibition, what better way than to write a digital story!! Others who are working on the youth mag have taken pictures of a mysterous new graffiti style that has been showing up all over town and are trying to smoke out the authors. One pair of participants have a fixation with cars and are creating a story around that.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Paint it!!

Really getting into the Freedom Road Exhibition graffiti. We have got a number of panels ready for show. We are in the process of documenting what each panel is about. Kids who have never picked up an aerosol can before doing great things with the medium.

Other classes which involved the technology are going well. We have a team blog to which we contribute and digital stories are evolving well. The Youth Magazine is about to take off with the first competition for young people in the Clarence to pick a name for the mag!

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Digital storytelling

After getting back from the workshops the first thing i did was download those free software applications that we used. After a search of the web i found that besides Photostory3, there are other application such as Slide Show Movie Maker, Adobe Premier and Microsoft Movie Maker. I found the easied to use was the photoshop 3. This is due to the step by step explanations provided making it easy to browse the photos needed, add music and put it all together.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

google earth

Just downloaded google earth. what a great tool to play with

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

back to work

Well I had a week away at Port Douglas and Im ready for the kids again!!
Got my computers fixed and back online and downloaded Acidxpress on two of them.Also downloaded 8pack of loops on each. There ready to go!! Could only Download one copy of photostory, as only one computers has xp. Here we go!!